Vice is a veteran DJ/Producer that has the ability to bend different genres of music night in and night out all over the globe. Vice needed a more efficient web platform to showcase his music and upcoming events in order for his fans to stay connected. Vice’s website had to be on par with other DJ/Producers’ sites that exhibited strong interactivity with fans.
We took the lead on the redevelopment of Vice’s website by focusing on the listener’s usability to keep up with tour dates, music, and video features all on one platform. We enhanced and streamlined the experience across all the different devices being used to access Vice’s website. Vice has a way of interacting with his fans through his live DJ sets, and we wanted to add a touch of that quality on his upgraded website by focusing on its interactiveness.
As Vice transitions from Vegas clubs to music festivals around the world, fans will look at as the definitive place to get a hold of his new remix or track on iTunes or Beatport, or even get the event info on where he’ll be playing next. The website gives off the same image and high energy feels that Vice’s DJ sets are known for resulting in a sense of familiarity for a fan.