UPXUNDR is a modern day basics brand based in Los Angeles that has been reinventing silhouettes with the style of tomorrow. The streetwear company needed an updated web platform to support their upcoming collection release at launch. Their website had to be more mobile friendly with a design that represented the high quality and value of their brand.
We assessed UPXUNDR’s current website to strategize the redevelopment of a more attractive and efficient experience for their customers. We wanted to showcase more of the lifestyle associated with the brand, so we added photos of models wearing their collection in different settings. Also, desktop and mobile site fluidity was definitely a must. UPXUNDR’s main outlet for sales is online, so we needed to make sure that the site had a sense of security when purchasing from whatever device the customer used.
The redesign of UPXUNDR’s site provides their customers with an image of the lifestyle that their line is associated with. Their customer’s experience is simplified by highlighting the details, construction, and the fit of their products all the way until they safely check out for their purchases.