Tumi was intrigued by the amount of traveling DJ/Producers using their line of bags. DJ/Producer Vice approached them with an idea to create a high quality bag specifically meant for a traveling entertainer such as himself. Tumi and Vice needed to promote this limited edition backpack with marketing essentials such as a social media-friendly video to help sell the bag.
We wanted to showcase Vice explaining his vision for the design by highlighting all of the features such as lights on the inner lining, a sentimental poker chip holder, the vinyl record influence, and the way it could be broken down into a smaller backpack. Also, we wanted to show how the bag complemented his on-the-go lifestyle. So, we filmed a two-day session of Vice traveling to a gig in Las Vegas. The footage followed Vice stylin’ out with the backpack as he walked into Marquee Nightclub, and then later on capturing the green lights emanating from inside of the bag as he grabbed his gear to perform in front of thousands of people ready to party.
The limited edition bag sold out at all Tumi stores and select boutiques worldwide. Both parties respectively gained traction with new customers and followers on social media. Tumi is now recognized in the DJ/Producer community as a brand looking to make fashionable high quality products that cater to them. Vice is also one of the few DJs out there with a signature bag that sold well. There is definitely a potential for them to work again in the future as there is still a demand for a restock.