CRSVR has been a familiar face for the past few years when it comes to sneaker boutiques in Santa Barbara and Las Vegas. But, the sneaker boutique decided that it was time to revamp their current identity with a new logo design in order to stay competitive in the world of sneaker/athletic lifestyle shops. The new logo would have to be recognizable to customers, and represent the company’s updated appearance.
CRSVR’s name was originally based on one of the store owner's (Vice) favorite EPMD records called “Crossover.” The name could also be thought of as the bridge of lifestyle and athletic wear which is something that the store currently wants to focus on to go along with the rebranding. So, we took a more modern and technical approach all while simplifying the brand’s aesthetic back to basics, “X” and “O.”
The new design distinctively represents the brand’s true personality in the urban fashion and sneaker community. The logo will be more visible and recognizable to the customer, which is a different approach from what the old logo barely accomplished. The logo is set out to be more iconic and seen throughout their upcoming line which will help align themselves against other brands with similar aesthetics.