Crooks & Castles has been a pioneer within the streetwear industry for over a decade. The company website needed a more cohesive design layout to showcase their upcoming collection and highlight exclusive news features. Their website had to be more mobile friendly with an enhanced user interface to simplify the user shopping experience.
We were asked to utilize their existing framework to refresh the homepage and news sections before the launch of their upcoming collection. The e-commerce and news sections were built on different platforms, so we needed to adapt the overall design from one platform to the other. We wanted to make sure the experience between platforms presented a seamless transition for improved user functionality. We also wanted to showcase more of the brand’s lifestyle upon visiting the website.
The new layout showcases more of the brand’s lifestyle through the full-screen imagery upon arrival to the website. It also provides their customers with a destination to easily access the newest product arrivals as well as the latest news updates about the brand. The redesign of the Crooks & Castles website looks to help gain new customer traffic and increase online sales respectively.