Clarity Optometry is a new boutique optometry practice that provides eye exams and vision correction while offering a stylish array of eyewear. The company approached us in the early stages of their business development process with the task of establishing a new brand identity through our expertise in design. The company wanted to appeal to a customer base who wanted higher end and stylish products from their visit to the optometrist. The company needed image alignment in order to attract this clientele starting with a logo.
We referenced vintage design with high-end couture to form the basis of the identity, all while keeping the boutique aesthetic in mind. The initials “C” and “O” were inspired by vintage windsor spectacles and effectively turned the glasses into what defined Clarity Optometry’s brand identity. The company’s name, style, and aesthetic that they wanted to portray are all represented behind these round frames.
Clarity Optometry received an identity that is associated with being fashionable and modern. The logo has an original and distinct look that is recognizable when a customer sees it at the company’s office, website, and social media outlets.